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Dosage Form Solutions (DFS)

Developing innovative products by integrating formulation R&D expertise, proprietary technology platforms and commercial manufacturing infrastructure.

Dosage Form Solutions (DFS)

Dosage Form Solutions

The Dosage Form Solutions (DFS) business unit leverages Capsugel’s core capabilities to develop products for customers, including:

Leveraging Capsugel’s vast expertise in lipid formulation, the primary focus of DFS is to enable rapid formulation for liquid-fill and semi-solid fill products with continued expansion of our offering in drug release technologies. Dedicated DFS Product Development Centers in the US and Europe support our customer projects with established fast-into-clinic programs.

The Encap division of Capsugel operates an FDA and MHRA inspected pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing site, equipped to handle high potency active ingredients, and has an established clinical fast-track program that can speed the process from lab to clinic.

Our capabilities have been utilized in hundreds of products and projects across our health & nutrition, OTC, generic, specialty and branded product customer base.  

The Liquid Filled Advantage

Liquid filled formulations can offer many performance advantages over solid oral dose forms, including improved bioavailability through the use of lipid technologies, improved content uniformity, easier formulation, and faster development time. Liquid filled products also have a unique look that has been proven to appeal to consumers, giving you a branding opportunity versus your competition. Our formulation scientists and expert systems can bring these advantages to your project through our comprehensive capabilities – from early formulation to commercial manufacturing.

Formulation Capabilities

DFS scientists have extensive formulation experience with challenging drug compounds, solving industry challenges such as improving bioavailability as well as API stability and drug onset speed. Our unique lipid based technologies can also address low dose, high potency, food effect or taste mask challenges.

DFS Product Development Centers have been designed to support our customer projects, from pre-clinical through phase III trial work. A vast database of lipid-based formulation data which has been aggregated and modeled streamlines our scientists’ formulation support and timeline.

Technology Platforms

Our Lipidex® Technology Platform includes liquid-filled products such as Licaps® capsules, our proprietary liquid filled hard capsule line, and SGcaps® soft gelatin capsules, our softgel capsule line. Additionally, our new solid lipid pellet (SLP) technology enhances solubility and enables taste-masking.

Our Targeted Release Platform offers an expanding set of propietary release technologies including our DRcaps® capsules which provide acid-resistance to protect dietary supplements, DUOCAP™ capsule within a capsule for delivery of the same or different APIs, and ENCODE™ capsules for targeted delivery to the colon.

Additionally, ABUSOLVE™ abuse resistant formulations deter extraction of controlled drugs or pain medicines.

Manufacturing Sites

Capsugel has invested in a world class network of production facilities with an established reputation for quality and reliability. The DFS business unit leverages this global production network, with liquid filling and soft gel manufacturing facilities in the US (Greenwood, SC), Europe (Colmar,Ploërmel, FR and Livingston, SF) and Asia (Sagamihara, JP).

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