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enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology

enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology – full enteric protection / delayed release without the use of coatings
enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions developed enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology to provide oral delivery with full enteric protection and rapid release in the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract without the use of coatings. enTRinsic™ capsules are manufactured using pharmaceutical grades of cellulosic enteric derivatives (100%). This novel and proprietary technology has proven in vitro and in vivo performance, and is finding application in several areas:

Sensitive Molecule Applications

Some products are difficult or impossible to delivery orally due to the need for enteric protection, but the inability to withstand either the high temperatures associated with coating application and/or sensitivity to the coating solution or suspension.enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology can therefore be enabling for oral delivery providing full enteric protection without coating, and applicable to a range of sensitive molecules:

enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology has been shown to rapidly release at pH 5.5 allowing optimal absorption in the upper GI tract.

Product Development Tool

enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology can be utilized to greatly simplify and accelerate prototype development and rapid in vivo testing of products requiring enteric protection and/or targeted release to the upper GI tract:

Independent analysis estimates time savings afforded by enTRinsic™ drug delivery technology of 9 months or more through Phase III.

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entTRinsic™ drug delivery technology

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