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Mini-Tablet Technology with Optional Encapsulation

Mini-TabletsMini-tablet technology is another multiparticulate formulation option offered and supported by Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions. Mini-tablets are a popular finished dosage form presentation since they offer the benefits of multiparticulates while using established tableting technology, typically rotary presses with minor modifications.

Mini-tablets consist of round, cylindrical tablets - typically 2 to 3 mm in diameter - that are produced by direct compression. They provide a smooth substrate for modified-release coating using either conventional perforated coating pans or fluid-bed apparatus.

Mini-tablets offer finished dosage form flexibility in that they can be delivered as capsules, sachets or compressed into larger tablets. Mini-tablets are finding increasing use as pediatric and geriatric dosage forms, since they are easier to swallow than conventional tablets and capsules. In addition, they can be used to meet a full range of dissolution profiles, including delayed-release, controlled-release and combination-release profiles.

Mini-tablets are simple to manufacture using conventional processing equipment. Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions has the equipment available to manufacture mini-tablets at laboratory, clinical and small commercial scales. Optional capsule filling capability is also available as a finished dosage form option.

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