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Modified and Targeted Release Technology Suite

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions offers a breadth of technologies and a unique and collaborative approach in meeting industry demand for modified-release and targeted-release formulations, yielding benefits in product optimization, development speed and client satisfaction. Our Modified and Targeted Release Technology suite is often leveraged in conjunction with our Bioavailability Enhancement technologies to optimize bioavailability and therapeutic benefit for drug formulations.

Modified Release & Targeted ReleaseNumerous drivers—both clinical- and product-driven—exist for the development of dosage forms incorporating modified- and targeted-release mechanisms, including:



A full range of release profiles can be achieved with Capsugel technologies. Immediate release, delayed release, controlled or extended release, dual release, fixed dose combinations, and site-specific release have all been used to meet customer target product profiles. Capsugel uses its specialized modified-release technologies with either monolithic or multiparticulate formats to development innovative dosage forms, often incorporating intellectual-property (IP) protection. As shown in the table above, these have included asymmetric-membrane technology (AMT), swellable-core technology (SCT) formulation, matrix/bi-layer, lipid multiparticulate technology using melt-spray-congeal (MSC) processing, dual capsule, pH- and time-triggered, and diffusion- and erosion-controlled formulations.

IP and non-IP based solutions have been developed and optimized for a range of dissolution profiles:

The following complementary technologies and capabilities give our Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions formulation team further options and flexibility in meeting target product profiles and optimizing finished dosage forms:

Capsugel’s multidisciplinary teams work closely with clients to clearly identify and understand their problems. Using our collective expertise in formulation science, we focus on key physical and chemical properties of the compound and dosage-form requirements, working collaboratively with clients to develop tailored problem statements specific to each compound. These problem statements are used to guide preliminary decisions about selection of the technology (i.e., drug-delivery platform) that offers the highest potential for performance, stability and manufacturability.

Our scientists utilized science-based Technology Selection to accelerate the identification of the best enabling technology for meeting client target product profiles, and our Rapid Advancement Process™ ensures the development of enabling formulations in 6 weeks or less with minimal active compound required.

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