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Product Development

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions offers integrated product development to its clients in many different industries, including Health and Nutrition and pharmaceutical leveraging its breadth of technologies to tackle formulation challenges. By co-locating product development and manufacturing operations at the same sites in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, we ensure rapid development and technical transfer as products are progressed using our three-step business model: design, develop and manufacture. Our full range of development services include advanced formulation development capabilities and process analytical equipment.

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions product development teams are fully equipped with advanced laboratory-scale equipment and tools, many of which are internally designed and manufactured, and specialized methodologies for accelerated feasibility assessment and development. Our multidisciplinary teams are formed from specialists in the fundamental sciences, which typically complement our clients’ teams and capabilities in advancing their compounds.

Thousands of compound formulations and products have been designed and advanced by Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions scientists. This extensive project experience has been leveraged to investigate and understand the science behind our technologies. Reference tools and models have been developed to enable a Science-based Technology Selection for product development and bypass time-consuming, expensive empirical analyses. 

Our Rapid Advancement Process is utilized for efficient pre-clinical development in less than 2 weeks and with minimal API requirements. Full feasibility assessments are typically completed in less than 6 weeks and clinical trial material supplied within 6 months of project initiation. 

Our comprehensive experience, science-based approach, advanced development tools and technology breadth enable Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions scientists to provide our clients with the right solution to meet their target product profile and commercial goals. Because our clients work with just one partner throughout the development process to commercialization, they enjoy reduced project management complexity, lower development costs, and increased speed to market.


Key Technologies and Capabilities Finished Dosage Form
Bioavailability enhancement Hard gelatin capsules
Modified and targeted release Specialized tablets (bi- and tri-layer matrices)
Osmotic tablets
Taste-masking Mini-tablets
Abuse-deterrent formulations Lipid multiparticulates (melt spray congeal)
API and dosage form stabilization Liquid-fill hard capsules (Licaps®)
High-containment /
high-potency compounds
Soft gelatin capsules (SGcaps®)
Inhalation formulations  Powder / pellet fill in hard capsules
Biotherapeutics Multiparticulates (Fluid-Bed or Extrusion)

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