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Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing

Liquid and semi-solid fill technology and manufacture are core strengths of Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions. These technologies are routinely employed for improved bioavailability, high potency compounds, addressing food effects, improved active ingredient stability, taste and odor masking, as well as effective product differentiation and branding.

Over the last fifteen years, we have built a robust soft gelatin capsule option to complement our leadership in the liquid filling of hard shell capsules (LFHC). Our co-located product development and manufacturing site in Ploërmel, France, produces both pharmaceutical and health & nutritional soft gel products for our clients. More than 4 billion liquid filled capsules are produced every week at the Ploërmel site including specialized capabilities for steroid hormones and pharmaceutical grade oils.

Specialized Production

Our Capsugel Ploërmel facility has 3 best-in-class manufacturing units inclusive of 11 soft gelatin capsule production lines to support feasibility, stability, clinical and commercial product manufacture.

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions' soft gelatin capsules offer a number of formulation and commercial benefits for both pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products.

The one-piece capsule features an easy-to-swallow shell consisting of plasticizers (glycerin, sorbitol, PEG) that meet all cGMP guidelines, FDA and MEA purity standards and feature a Certified QA system for traceability of raw materials. The tamper-resistant shell masks taste and smell in a broad range of unique shapes and colors.

A liquid matrix is utilized to improve the solubility of poorly water soluble compounds, address food effect and improve API stability. The tamper-resistant shell is available in a wide range of shapes and colors to meet branding, line extension and life cycle management objectives.

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