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Spray-Layered Multiparticulates

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions is well versed in using drug layering and modified-release coat layering to achieve a range of dissolution profiles in multiparticulate format. These formulations consist of spherical 100- to 1,500-µm multiparticulates with one or more coating layers applied by fluidized-bed coating technology. Sucrose or microcrystalline substrates are typically utilized with the coat layers containing one or more drug substances. Extruded beads or lipid multiparticulates can also be spray layered coated for further functionality.

Proven applications for this versatile technology include delayed release, extended release, pulsatile release, and fixed dose combinations. We also utilize spray layered multiparticulates, and other modified release technologies, in conjunction with bioavailability enhancement technologies to optimize overall drug availability.

Spray layered multiparticulates

We use an array of fluid-bed equipment to produce high-yield, high-quality coatings and can produce spray-layered multiparticulates at the feasibility, laboratory, clinical and small commercial scales at batch sizes as small as 2 g. Fluid bed coaters, dryers and granulators at a range of scales enable clinical trial supply for phase I-III.

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions has also developed osmotic-bursting multiparticulates with a barrier-coating option to approximate zero-order release. 

Drug release is controlled primarily by manipulating coating type and weight. Advantages of this approach include:

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