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Streamlined and De-risked Biologics Manufacturing Technologies

Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions offers cell-culture process development and optimization to maximize our clients’ protein yields and product quality through robust process and control strategies.

Our focus is on extracting more information and understanding from bioreactor experiments with which to develop processes that produce high-quality biotherapeutic products consistently, and encompasses:

MAST™The sampling challenges associated with maintaining sterility and processing high-density cell solutions have been resolved by development of the MAST platform. Enabling at-line analysis, MAST allows collection of real-time samples that can be obtained from multiple reactors and sent to a wide variety of devices for optimized process control including analyzers, cell removal systems, sample-retain devices, and sample processes. MAST units have been installed at nine client facilities and have taken more than 2,500 samples in cell-culture, microbial, and downstream applications without loss of sample integrity or bioreactor sterility. Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions continues to expand the instrumentation that can be integrated with MAST.

A new state-of-the-art laboratory has also been commissioned that can be used to develop, optimize, and scale up biotherapeutic manufacturing processes. In addition to the novel MAST platform, this lab offers an expanded range of capabilities:


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