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Specialized Healthcare Applications

In response to our market trends and our clients’ needs, Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions has developed specialized technologies to address a range of formulation challenges.
Abuse-Deterrent Formulation Technologies
A range of formulation approaches using liquid-fill hard-capsule technology to meet target product profiles while guarding against inappropriate drug extraction.
Lipid Multiparticulate (LMP) Technology
Proprietary technology incorporating the formulation functionality of lipids and multiparticulates to yield bioavailability enhancement, extended release and/or effective taste-masking.
Formulations for Low-Dose / High-Potency Drugs
Liquid- and semi-solid-fill technology and manufacturing for high-potency drugs, controlled substances, cytoxics, hormones and other challenging formulations.
Inhalation Formulation Technologies
Specialized formulation expertise based on particle engineering, and specialized capsules for nasal and pulmonary drug delivery.
Peptide, protein and vaccine formulation approaches, which can be combined with functional capsules for oral delivery, e.g. enteric capsule drug delivery technology.
Animal Health Animal Health
Animal health and nutritional companies are increasingly looking for support in tackling their most challenging formulation issues, ranging from bioavailability enhancement to modified and targeted release and specialized applications. Capsugel is applying our science and engineering expertise in the pharmaceutical and nutritional space to help animal health and nutritional companies create better products.

Complementary technologies, including our Bioavailability Enhancement and Modified and Targeted Release technology suites, facilitate the development of optimized formulations addressing multiple problem statements. 

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