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Technology Selection

Science-based technology selection saves our clients time and money, enabling them to bring their best drug candidates to market rapidly.

The breadth and range of our bioavailability-enhancing and modified release technologies are critical for efficient product development, with the collective utility of these technologies covering a broad space in terms of drug properties and target performance. Extensive investigation of each technology has resulted in an in-depth understanding of its range and appropriate use. This technology breadth and know-how promotes unbiased assessment and flexibility in selecting the optimum technology for a particular compound.

We use numerous types of information and a variety of specialized tools to ensure the optimum technology is selected for each new compound and associated target product profile.

Technology Selection



Technology Map Example

Our Technology Selection process, which includes predictive modeling and technology mapping, allows Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions scientists to quickly identify the right solution for improving bioavailability and formulating a robust, fit-for-purpose dosage form.

This approach offers clear advantages over more empirical approaches that focus on “screening” various technologies—including efficient and successful compound advancement, optimized dosage forms, reduced API usage, and speed to clinic and, ultimately, speed to market. 

Empirical approaches may result in development delays and may require a substantial amount of compound to effectively evaluate several technology paths. In addition, these approaches run the risk  that a compound fails to perform across all technologies. In many cases, this lack of success may stem from inappropriate or suboptimal formulation design and development or, even more fundamentally, the lack of a drug candidate/technology “match,” rather than fundamental technology ineffectiveness.  

The advantages to our technology selection process can be contrasted to instances when a drug has been progressed down a specific technology path, or parallel paths using technologies that aren’t optimally suited to the drug properties and product needs. This approach is common in the industry where a pharmaceutical company, contract research organization (CRO), or contract developer and manufacturer organization (CDMO) has strong expertise and experience in a specific technology that may not be well-suited to the drug properties or product needs for a specific project. Initial selection of a less-than-optimal technology may be revealed early at initial feasibility assessment or later on during development process, but results in wasted time and resources and can halt development of an otherwise promising compound. In contrast, Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions scientists use a wide range of data to ensure impartial selection of the best technology for a given application.

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