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First Order Release - Lipid Multiparticulate (LMP) Technology

Delayed CrystallineUnique and proprietary melt-spray-congeal (MSC) technology is utilized to produce lipid multiparticulates with improved bioavailability and/or controlled release functionality.


Improved drug bioavailability is achieved through lipidic mechanisms while drug release modifications are achieved primarily through erosive mechanisms.   A range of excipients and combinations is used to tailor functionality.

The drug physical form is dependent upon several factors including drug-excipient affinity, drug loading, drug melting temperature and process conditions. 

Crystalline drug formatCrystalline drug formats facilitate good drug chemical stability and high drug loading, and yield immediate and controlled release functionality for even hydrophilic drugs.


Solubilized drug formatSolubilized drug formats facilitate high loading for lipophilic drugs, improves bioavailability when the drug crystal lattice is limiting solubility, and provides either immediate or controlled release dependent upon LMP design


Market precedence for LMP technology utilizing the MSC process has been achieved. 

Manufacturing capability for lab through clinical quantities is in place at our Bend Research facility (Bend, OR).  Commercial scale MSC production infrastructure is currently being installed at our Greenwood, SC manufacturing facility.

A simple yet effective MSC process, which is solvent-free with optional surfactant inclusion, is utilized for LMP production.

MSC Process

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